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July 29th 2014   2 notes  


Best day ever?

Hindi natin kailangan gumatos ng malaki para maging masaya. Ako yung babaeng hindi mahilig kumaen sa fancy restaurants. Okay na sakin yung kahit nasa park lang tayo. Tapos magpipicnic at magpipicture tayo. Gusto ko kakainin natin yung mga niluto ko para sayo. Yung para lang tayo mga bata na naglalaro ng habulan at taguan. Pero ang mas gusto ko…

Yung nasa bahay niyo tayo at kasama kumain ang pamilya mo. :)

July 28th 2014   32 notes   - via
"I didn’t know how much I loved you
Until I was describing you to someone else"

—Wow (via lipglossandpoetry)
July 27th 2014   311 notes   - via / source

I’am not a one in a million kind of girl. I’am a once in a lifetime kind of woman. :)

July 27th 2014   4 notes  

Kengkoy mode with dad! 😂😄 i love youuuu! 😃😉

July 26th 2014   0 notes  

Rylee’s 2nd Birthday! 🎂🎉🍰

July 26th 2014   0 notes  
Staying in love with someone even you're not sure if you can be together in the future is like standing in the rain. You know you're gonna be sick but you still there because it feels great.
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Can i ask you to tell me if you still need me in your life or not. So that i know what to do. So that i won’t look stupid asking for a space in your life. If you don’t need me anymore, i promise that i shall go.

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I don’t want a normal relationship.


That’s too boring. I want to argue because making up will make us stronger. I don’t want to always call each other baby and boo because that’s played out. Let me wear your sweatshirt. Play fight with me. Don’t let me win either. Tease me. Stay up with me all night and play video games. Take pictures with me. Tell me to shut up because I talk to much. Kiss me. Text me “Goodnight beautiful”. I want that kind of relationship.

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Do what makes you happy and delete the stress. :) #happysunday #excited

July 26th 2014   0 notes  

He doesn’t know how much i love him. I dont know why or when it started. But one thing is for sure, i love him so much. I really do. :) Something bad happened to me when he came into my life. But he’s a blessing in disguise. :”) He’s the reason why Im smiling every day. Those pa-cute pose of him and his silly jokes. Hihi. 😄 i know im melting whenever he stares at me. Is this love? Haha. 😂

I love youuuuu. 😄😍😙💓

PS: He doesn’t know that I’m posting some stuff about him. Sshhhhhh!! 😁 Maybe one day I’ll let him know. Haha. (✌ mahal)

July 23rd 2014   3 notes  
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Happy Birthday!! Hindi ko man napaparamdam sayo or sinasabi lagi pero I love you so much kuya! :)

Sometimes having a brother is better than having a super hero. :)

July 20th 2014   1 notes  

Craving satisfied! Thanks kuyaaaaa! 💕👍👫

July 19th 2014   1 notes  

Be happy and smile. :)

July 19th 2014   1 notes  

I super miss this guy! Haha.

Hi mahal? :) Magpuyat ka pa tapos inom ha! 😂😁😂 I love you. :*

July 18th 2014   2 notes  
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